Multiple Opponent Seminar, Part 3

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It was a great pleasure to present the last Multiple Opponent Seminar, Part 2, dealing with Ground Fighting Scenarios.  It was gratifying to observe how effectively the skills were being applied during the drills.  From beginners to advanced martial practioners, everyone performed the skillsets well.
The Multiple Opponent Seminar, Part 3- Multiple Opponent Scenarios Involving Weapons will be held Saturday, May 21st.  The Seminar will begin at 9:00am and conclude at 1:00pm.  This event will beheld at:
          The Wu Ji Tao Martial Arts Studio, 4894 South Commerce Drive, Suite D, Murray, Utah
The Multiple Opponent Skills Seminar, Part 3 will include a brief review of Multiple Opponent Skills taught during the first two Seminars in this series and how they apply to armed situations.  In addition, more Multiple Opponent Skillsets will be presented.
The use of weapons obviously elevates the danger of these life threatening events.  The drills presented in this Seminar will address Multiple Opponent Scenarios where the attackers are armed with a variety of weapons.  We will, of necessity, present an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the basic types of weaponry often used in these assaults.  We will also present drills that emphasize the unique skillsets to effectively neutralize and take advantage of armed combat scenarios.  (See attachment for more details.)
Note:  Please make your reservations early to hold a place for yourself in this Seminar.  Some participants signed up at the end of the last training in April and others have enrolled since then.
Private and semi-private class times are available starting Tuesday, May 17th through Monday evening, May 23rd.  Please contact me to schedule times for yourself.
Thank you,
Tom Garriga