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We are a member of the Tang Wei Martial Arts Association (TWMAA) and an official school authorized to teach 5 Extremes Martial Method (5XMM). You can’t put a price on knowing that you and your loved ones are safe. At the Wu Ji Tao Martial Arts Studio, we are dedicated to providing everyone with the best experience. We have something to offer everyone, whether you have had years of experience or if you are a beginner.
We train men, women and children. We have also had experience in training Military, law enforcement, and private security. Rather than teaching sport/competition fighting, we train in reality based self-defense for real life situations. We teach power drills/concept, combat concepts, awareness, advance striking, grappling, ground fighting, multiple opponents, weapon skill sets, and much more.

We also train in all types of scenarios in which our students learn to be competent and proficient when dealing with threats. We want to make sure that everyone, regardless of size, gender, & age, gain the confidence and necessary skills to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. We work in association with Tom Garriga and the Tang Wei Academy. Joel and Jacob have had the pleasure of working with Tom for over 15 years. With over 50 years of combined experience, Joel and Jacob are dedicated to sharing the knowledge that they have gained.


<center>Joel Black</center>

Joel Black


Joel has been actively training in Wu Ji Quan Fa under Grand Master Tom Garriga since the age of 19. Joel earned his 1st step in 2004 and his 2nd step in 2017. Joel has 16 years of teaching experience. He also has 11 years of experience teaching this system and 5 years of experience in teaching other systems. Outside of training in the 5XMM system, Joel has taught and studied Aikitai Jujitsu, Kenpo, Kickboxing, Karate, and Aikido.
Joel is passionate about his family and It’s important to him to know how to protect his family. He also believes that it is important to teach others how to defend their loved ones.

<center>Jacob Black</center>

Jacob Black


Jacob has 26 years of martial arts experience. He has achieved 2nd Step in Wu Ji Quan Fa and is currently working on the 3rd Step program. He has also been training with Tom Garriga since age 19 and instructing martial arts since 2002.

Outside of 5XMM, Jacob has experience with Military & Government Contracts and Corporate Facilities Security. Other sources of training included a black belt in Aiki Tai Jujitsu, Law Enforcement training, Positive Control Systems, US Army Combative training, MACP and SOCP.

Jacob’s personal goal is to help people define who they are and help themselves become empowered.

<center>Kyle Whiteley</center>

Kyle Whiteley


Kyle began training in Wu Ji Quan Fa (5XMM) under Grand Master Tom Garriga at the age of 15 and has been continuously dedicated to training and teaching since that time. Kyle has 15 years of experience teaching this system since earning his 1st step Instructor Certification in March of 2000. Considered one of Master Garriga’s most dedicated and top tier students, Kyle achieved his 5th Step Certification in 2012. Kyle is currently one of the members of the Tang Wei Martial Arts Association (TWMAA) Senior Instructor council which oversees the development of curriculum and training methods in the 5XMM system.

Outside of training in 5XMM, Kyle has over 10 years of Armed Security and Military experience and has participated extensively in Military, Security and Law Enforcement Type Training programs. Kyle has served in the US Army, and is familiar with several modern military weapons and tactics. Kyle outside of training in the 5XMM system has received training in MACP, Karate and Boxing.

Kyle has a passion for growth and learning, thus far having earned 2 college degrees while currently working on a 3rd degree in Business Administration International Management. Kyle is fluent in Mandarin Chinese through his time in the military. He is devoted to training and teaching the combative arts as these arts have greatly influenced and enhanced his own life and he feels they always tend to make people more formidable and capable yet paradoxically more moral and trustworthy at the same time.

What others say about us

Eric W.

“I have had a fairly active interest in Self Defense for over 20 years and have found nothing that compares to what you will learn at Wu Ji Tao. This stuff is the real deal. While you will learn how to avoid or prevail in physical altercations and to strike with bone crushing power, that’s only a small part of the tools you will be given. You will be given powerful tools to master yourself, your mind, and your body to make you what you’ve always wanted to be.

You may never be forced to use your skills to defend yourself or those you love, but you will use what you learn here every day and those skills will improve your life. This place has been one of the greatest discoveries of my life. The people there are like family. It’s a place of respect and learning, but we have a lot of fun and enjoy ourselves while there too. I cannot recommend this place enough.”

Eric W.Student
Chalise P.

“When considering self-protection, it was imperative for me to find a place where I felt certain in my training, and confident that the instructors would guide me to a place where my skill sets not only included physical conditioning, but maintained a forward momentum in mental preparation and beyond.

My past experience with training at another location left me stumbling through thoughts of what I was actually capable of doing in a scary situation. Did I really have the ability to overcome an attack from a perpetrator? Could someone bigger and stronger overpower me? What if there were multiple attackers? Those questions soon became non-issues during my training at the Wu Ji Tao Studio.  Every frightening scenario, every intimidating situation, anything I can conjure up in my imagination now has a solution and an outcome, and it is always in my favor. My physical skills as well as my  mental awareness are not in doubt. My training here has been invaluable and life-changing.”

Chalise P.Student


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